Company Profile

NP Microsystems, Inc. is integration, consulting and staffing company that specializes in the Information Technology industry. Our clients include major pharmaceutical, retail and a host of Fortune 500 companies.

We are the full-time data industry employment experts.  We can help your company find talented data professionals in the areas of Data Integration, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, IT Leadership and Technical Sales.

Need someone?  It's very simple.  Just click on the position you are trying to fill and send us an email with your request.  Or use our " Contact Us" section if you don't see the job description you need.

We have been certified by US Small Business Administration as a Minority Owned Business Enterprise. We are in business of matching IT professionals with the companies that need them. Our senior staff of professional recruiters, search specialists and research assistants - each intimately involved in the high-tech industry - identifies, recruits, screens and places top-level talent.

In reality, what we are really doing every day is creating and building relationships. How do we do this? By asking the right questions, most importantly, by listening to the answers. To us, this is the best way - the only way - to ensure that the right person is placed in the right job, at the right place. Our clients - candidates and companies alike - trust us. They feel confident that we have their best interests at heart and would not steer them wrong.

Diversity Mission Statement

To guide the company in establishing a visible commitment to diversity that will support NP Microsystems's vision, our business strategies, corporate behavior, relationships with customers and our communities in a manner that enables employees to reach their full potential, and in so doing, maximizes shareholder value.

Equal Employment Opportunity

NP Microsystem has an established policy of Equal Employment Opportunity for all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, military status, age or national origin. This policy applies equally to people with disabilities and Vietnam Era Veterans. All aspects of our personnel activity are guided by this policy, including hiring, promotion, training/development, wage and salary, and all company benefits.

In addition, NP Microsystems has made a commitment to support its Equal Employment Opportunity Policy with ongoing Affirmative Action Programs designed to identify, train and promote capable and qualified employees

Our Client

We are proud of the company we keep. NP Microsystems, Inc is a proud business partner with many reputed companies in America . We help our customers gain the benefits of information technology faster, at a lower cost, and with greater flexibility than achievable using in-house resources alone. The combination of our seasoned and experienced IT professionals, flexible labor relationships and our responsiveness to customer's requirements are only some of the reasons we're the preferred choice in information technology staffing.  For additional information, please submit your company and contact information to NP Microsystems at

Our Customer Partners

We partner with leading vendors. It facilitates us in mapping the client's requirements that meet current market. Thus ensures that the solutions are well knitted to address their challenges. We apply methodology that matches project scope and requirements. Once the Blueprint is completed, our Business Area Expert evaluates the entire project and breaks it down to the finest granularity for client approval. This project plan includes project tasks, major milestones, phases, resource allocation, skills assesment, additional infrastructure needed, possible risks and ways to mitigate the same, communication channels and other details. We are planning to implement fully functional facility in our offshore location. We have planned proper systems and procedures in place to address this issue. For additional information, please submit your company and contact information to NP Microsystems at


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